Womens Corsage/ Mothers Seashell Wedding Corsage Sample

Womens Corsage/ Mothers Seashell Wedding Corsage Sample


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History of the CORSAGE:
Since a bouquet of flowers was often worn in the center of the bodice, the flowers took on the name "corsage." Our modern sense of the corsage comes from the French "bouquet de corsage," meaning "a bouquet of the bodice."
Corsages are made from a small bunch of flowers or a single bloom. The corsage was originally worn at the waist or the bodice of a dress. Later, it became common to pin flowers to the shoulder or on a handbag. Corsages today may even be tied around a wrist, neck, ankle or worn in the hair.

I have gone a step further and create a corsage from seashells, flowers and other materials.

Feel feel to reach out to me with a special request and I will be happy to work with you on designing corsages for those special ladies in your life.

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